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"Some Kind of Wonderful" Covered by 70+ Artists! 

Did you know that John's timeless classic "Some Kind of Wonderful" has already been covered by more then 70 artists! Check out this list of SecondHandSongs to see which artist did when cover this great timeless classic!

John Ellison Nominated @ Pop Awards

Pop Awards has nominated the song "Wake-Up Call (Black Like Me)" in the category Song Of The Year Award 2021.

You can vote for John until March 7, 2021. Thank you!

Songs for Change: BMI Songwriters Call For Action

BMI songwriters are using their talent and creativity to seize this moment, speak out and call for the change that is long overdue.

Wake-Up Call (Black Like Me) written by the renowned 78-year-old singer/songwriter responsible for “Some Kind of Wonderful,” by Grand Funk Railroad, John Ellison’s “Wake Up Call (Black Like Me)” takes a personal story and turns it into a powerful anthem.

John Ellison Review @ Rolling Stone
John Ellison Premiere @ "FORBES" 

Interview with Steve Baltin in FORBES  on the premiere of the new single and fierce protest song "Wake-Up Call (Black Like Me)".

John Ellison: No Strangers to Tragedy!

I am quite familiar with the pain and suffering that stems from hatred and prejudice simply because of the color of one's skin. When someone's life is taken simply because of the color of their skin, it inflicts a pain that never leaves you.


Because of the tragedies that have occurred in my life, I experience this pain. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. This is a pain that never goes away. Through it all, I still try to find something positive to hold onto because I know that although this world has a lot of hate in it, there is also a lot of love, and love overpowers hate.


I love America but remember, "This is a Wake-Up Call” up what is going on right now.


I will continue to pray for love, and peace in this world because this world is truly Some Kind of Wonderful!!!


John Ellison

John Ellison Grand Marshall @ "King Coal" 

West Virginia Music Hall of Fame recording artist John Ellison served as the grand marshal for the 47th King Coal Festival Parade.

John Ellison Honored for his Inspirational Life

West Virginia Music Hall of Fame inductee John Ellison performed for the children of Piedmont Elementary School and was presented with a legislative citation on Friday.

John Ellison Performs @ WOMAD 2019 

John Ellison and his 10 piece Soul Orchestra will perform at the WOMAD 2019 festival in Caceres in Spain. The show will be 'Some Kind of Wonderful!'

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