As a singer ,songwriter , producer, and the writer of the classic song "Some Kind Of Wonderful", my other passion is creating delicious foods!   


Whether I'm creating music, or in the kitchen creating a delicious mouthwatering meal, the level of excitement is the same! 


Because of all the wonderful and positive comments I have received from friends that I have had the pleasure of dining with in my home is what prompted me to launch my company "Some Kind of Wonderful Foods"!  


Once you bite into my mouth watering Some Kind of Wonderful chicken you will have to agree that it is worthy of the name!


Not only are you eating a delicious chicken, your chicken is seasoned with natural herbs, it's low in sodium, gluten-free, no MSG, and no sugar!


Our goal is to make sure that you and your family enjoy a delicious mouthwatering healthy meal each time you sit down to a Some Kind Of Wonderful Dinner! 

You may even start singing Some Kind Of Wonderful!!!

John Ellison 

Writer Of Some Kind Of Wonderful

© 2021 by PopMi Music

Photo 1, 2, 5, 6 by Fabienne Heijster; photo 3, 7 by Gianni Grandi; photo 4 by Ans van Heck.